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Saturday, January 26, 2008

McCanns' to reveal all on Oprah's show?

The Madeleine McCann story goes on like a demented suomo wrestler desperate for the fight to end. All the McCanns' want is for Madeleine to be returned. Their lives have been turned upside down, that's for sure. Now we are told that they might be on the verge of striking a deal with Oprah Winfrey to tell all they know. Or if not her, the simpering Barbara Walters. However, the main problem is that they don't know even half of what they really want to know.

This sorry tale has been driven by two sides who have diametrically opposing agendas, which at times become entwined. The media in general sees the "Madeleine Story" as a way to make money, even though they are after a "result". From the start reporters were all over each other, often contradicting themselves. Then a mouthy reporter said she was suspicious of a man called Robert Murat. The press went to town, in fact, every town he'd ever lived in! All sorts of acquaintenances and people he'd met at bus stops were asked their opinions. The McCanns were put on pedastals, then knocked down as being bad parents. Kate McCann was discussed as if being an animal about to be slaughtered. Was she well? Was she too thin? Was she any good, etc, etc.?

For the McCanns, publicity was seen and still is seen as being the only vehicle that will help in the search for answers. For this they have been praised and castigated in equal measure.

The one peculiarity in all this is the behaviour of the Portuguese Police. They conveniently hide behind secrecy laws, but only recently the photofit of a stranger (pictured) apparently spotted at the scene has only become known. The police appear to be like moles digging around under a golf green. When they pop up, blinking at the press flash photography, they are surprised at all the hullabaloo and outrage at their antics.

If the McCanns do earn a reputed £1 million from Oprah, I won't be lining up to blame them. And neither should the press. After all, I and plenty of others have just helped the Daily Mail's circulation figures!


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