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Monday, January 14, 2008

Mindless Aussie Youth Throws Party - Literally!

Down in Melbourne, Australia, an uncouth youth by the name of Corey Delaney invited his pals round for a party. Instead of behaving themselves and having fun, they became mindlessly drunk and ended up throwing beer bottles, smashing things, picking bricks up and smacking them against lamp-posts. In the cold light of day, hardly any of the previous evening had been remembered by Delaney. Totally unrepentant, he seems to think that having 500 people crammed into a back garden is normal.

This is yet another outcome of teenage naivite when using the internet. He advertised his party on the usual social websites and via text messages. Not surprising that people he never knew or would be likely to know turned up.

Victorian Acting Premier Rob Hulls didn't help matters by suggesting this was all akin to boisterous antics. The police see it completely differently. Police Commissioner Christine Nixon said, "I think he needs to learn a lesson, and I think that one way or another, we'll do that". No nonsense there then!

Seeing as Mr Hulls is only an "acting premier" perhaps Ms Nixon could give him a better script to use, otherwise I suggest he considers someone else as the main player.

Australia is not alone in this kind of behaviour, as it has happened in Britain and elsewhere. Whilst only a few teenagers consider this acceptable, it does follow a trend. There are no quick remedies to this anti-social activity, but this is one "crime" that the politicians need to find common ground - and soon.


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