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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Princess Diana 'got cruel letters' from Duke

It appears anyone can say anything in a court. Producing evidence is quite another thing. Simone Simmons, who is a complementary therapist, told the London inquest into Princess Diana's death that she had "seen uncomplimentary and disparaging letters" from the Duke of Edinburgh. Oh, really! Do we believe her? Her testimony is in stark contrast to that presented to the hearing a while back. Previously the jury had seen extracts of other letters between Diana and the Duke of Edinburgh.

That correspondence, presented to the High Court hearing by Prince Philip's private secretary Brigadier Sir Miles Hunt-Davis, dates from between June and September 1992. In those handwritten replies, Diana referred to him as "Dearest Pa" and praised his "great understanding and tact". Ms Simmons, however, can't produce anything except memories.

She also said she had what she called a dossier under her mattress on what the princess had been compiling about landmines. The therapist said the document was several inches thick but that she burnt it after Diana's death because she was afraid of what might happen to her. Very convenient then for those seeking after the truth.

This sort of nonsense is costing the taxpayer a fortune. Ms Simmonds, who seems to be neither complementary nor complimentary, is able to say whatever she likes. I hope the jury cogitates well concerning her comments.


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