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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ron Paul - Internet Marketing's Best Friend!

Ron Paul is for less regulation, lower taxes, a sound currency & more freedom. That's why he is the choice of not only those who “hang” around the online world, but also those who do business in it. His message is going to be heard by business people in Seattle, he is going to North Dakota for the caucus there. Funny how he does better in the discussive nature of the caucus that at the ballot box. Is it because his policies are heard in the caucus and he is denied national TV airtime or kept to the minimum.

John McCain and Mitt Romney were tersely sparring in last night's CNN battle of the brains. Mike Huckabee is running out of cash and won't have a dime after Super Tuesday. So it will carry on.

Ron Paul will be the last man standing!


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