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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ron Paul on the campaign trail in New Orleans

Ron Paul, on a campaign stop in New Orleans, outlined his policies that he hopes to implement as President. Chris Kirkham of The Times-Picayune was there to witness the speech to 600 supporters and interested citizens.

Kirkham gives a reasonable account of the meeting, but seems to lack giving us answers. He is aware that Ron Paul's "campaign organizers say he's the victim of "media blackout." ", but he doesn't venture agreement or denial. He says "Paul's fellow Republicans in the hunt for the presidency have criticized his position on the war", but doesn't say what they want in return.

This is probably as good as it gets at the moment. I'd say that it is as easy to criticise Ron Paul's position on the war, as much as it is the others. John McCain seems to think that having no plan after invasion, not asking other friendly embassies for information, and not having the wit to understand Iraqi sensibilities, is perfectly OK so long as America isn't "humbled".

The problem with Iraq is that it will boil down to memories. The Iraqis will take on the elephantine type memory whilst the Republican "frontrunners" are currently trying out a gnat's brain for memory loss capabilities.


Here is a video and a little more info. on Ron Paul's New Orleans visit.


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