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Friday, February 08, 2008

Islam in English Law - by the Archbishop of Canterbury

This is what the Archbishop of Canterbury is talking about. Should there be a case for Sharia law in certain civil matters. It exists already. It's very interesting how he has been castigated by people who appear not to have understood his approach. But then they may not want to.

What I'd say to the politicians and press commentators who are going on about "British" law, is that the laws of England are quite capable of embracing contextual differences. It is not a case of Sharia law usurping English law, but of existing within it, if that is what is wanted. I would think it highly unlikely to move forward, given the current viewpoint, but then we haven't had the debate or even a review! Its been interesting watching the detractors of the Archbishop wobble between English law and "British" law, with frowns and furrows of brief concern. They put their prejudices before the facts, that's the trouble.

Unless all devout Muslims, mostly wearing "Islamic dress", who are in favour of such a move, are deported or told to knuckle under, it will remain a fact that there are differences. It always amazes me that those chattering liberals who profess faith in a multicultural society, only want it as such when it suits them.

It is also a pity that the intellectual capacity of our national leaders has fallen so much. But then I'm old enough to remember people saying of the late Iain Macleod that he was "too clever by half"! Doesn't pay in England to think outside the box.

The people of England, in their secular ways, want the Archbishop of Canterbury in some ecclesial box where no jokers pop out!


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