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Friday, February 01, 2008

News Shocker for GOP! Ron Paul stuffs the coffers with cash!

Ron Paul, the Republican candidate they love to ignore (TV anchors, that is!) was the biggest GOP fundraiser in the last quarter of 2007. Money being a big thing in American elections, it means he is in the lead as far as cash is concerned. Mike Huckabee is trailing and finding it hard to get the collecting cans filled. He made a typical comment in "My presidential campaign has defied the odds and will continue to do so, as we head into the Super Tuesday primaries, proving the power of message over money and mechanics." I'm not sure what he means by mechanics unless this is the party machine. He needs to be more concerned with the top engineers in the party, who have done some peculiar engineering of late.

Ron Paul defies the pundits by raising money and online support. If Yahoo gets gobbled up by Microsoft, Bill Gates will find Ron Paul's name all over the place!


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