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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama and McCain forge ahead

Whilst it is not over yet, it would be a poor commentator who felt that both Barack Obama and John McCain were not on course for their party's respective nomination. I see Obama as the obvious choice for the Democrats. Why? Because he will attempt a better change in the American system of governance than Hillary Clinton. The fact that she is losing her base of white women, black middle classes and the educated young to Obama is a signal that the race could be over for her.

Some have suggested that Obama is untried and untested as a national politician, and is too young for being President. That's baloney. No one is too young or too old, it's what they can offer and achieve that matters. In that, Obama is succeeding in getting a coalition of all sorts behind him. That's leadership!

McCain on the other hand has only managed to get his own supporters to support him. He is still seen as being a man of contradiction, one who lacks conviction, and who does not appeal to the conservative-minded. He will have a tough job on his hand to convince many Republicans that he is their man.

They say a mother knows her son(s) best of all. John McCain mother talks of the party holding its nose. McCain will need all the perfumes of paradise at the convention. Maybe he might do it. Who knows?


Excellent outlook from an English POV.

I wonder if you would like to contribute to the England for Obama website?


Thanks! I will look at the site.

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