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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama has plenty to smile about

For me the Democratic presidential race is over. Obama will be the nominee. His persuasive powers have garnered a coalition of almost all groups in the USA bar the neo-cons! White women, young professionals, blacks, hispanics, gays, the lot, it seems. This is because he comes across as a man who fits the 21st Century.

People, not just in America, want an end to sleaze, spin, and sophistry. They don't want a president who just blinks after a massive hurricane disaster which nearly wipes away an historic city. They don't want any more Guantanamos. They don't want credit crunching, crooked bankers, and Wall Street fatcats calling the shots. They want a country run by a decent person for decent people to live in.

Now I'm not generally inclined to support the Democrats over the Republicans. If I were an American, I'd be actively seen as an Episcopalian Republican-supporting slightly libertarian type. Not that I don't get worked up about things. I do. That's why Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air in the Republican Party.

John McCain will also be the nominee for his party. However, he won't win the presidency. I don't say that with glee rather sadness. He doesn't get it, in my mind. He is tempting himself to portray Obama as a vacuous change merchant. He will be the solid character guy. Sorry, that won't wash. McCain either sees that Americans generally are fed up with being told its un-American to complain about the system of government, or he goes out like Goldwater rather than Dewey.

McCain is edging up from his support level of a third to that of half the Republican vote. Not yet a ringing endorsement. The Ron Paul revolution will continue, because much needs to be done. Mike Huckabee also can lay claim to a tranche of support. If McCain is sensible, he will accommodate the opinions of those in the party who are not so sure of him.

But it is Obama that is leading the way. He does have plenty to smile about.


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