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Friday, February 08, 2008

OFFICIAL! - Ron Paul gets stiffed by US Media!

You couldn't make it up, could you? In the Land of the Free, the only man campaigning for FREEDOM is denied proper access to the "Mainstream Media". Would you want American democracy in its present condition exported to your country?

Ron Paul has set alight a new Revolution. The suits and the slickers want him silenced. They allow Clinton and Obama to go on talking about "Change" but this is not about changing your government, it's about making sure that the government respects and honours your freedoms. No good being a free person if all you get is being stuck in red tape, regulation, and/or redneck rhetoric!

Guess what? Journalism.org have been doing some fine stuff checking up on who gets mentioned most. Ron Paul is not there in the "Main Newsmaker" category (50% or more of the story content) or even "Significant Presence" (between 25% and 50% of the story content). Not a dickybird!!

Wouldn't you think that a candidate who can raise so much online cash, has ballot disputes in several primaries, is courting the young voters as well as the old, has controversial views (for some!) and is DEFINITELY NOT QUITTING might just get SOME Significant Presence? After all, Bill Clinton is high up on the list and he isn't in the race. Put his ratings and Hillary's together and they're stellar. Obama beats the lot. So no level playing field. Have you tried playing cricket on a gridiron? It's definitely not cricket and neither is this.

Democracy? Don't you just love it! That's why we need the Ron Paul Revolution.


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