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Monday, February 04, 2008

Police bugging scandal almost swept under the carpet?

Keith Vaz is an MP in the mischief-making mould. Along with Stephen Pound, Denis McShane and Chris Bryant, he has a propensity for adding a good dose of vinegar to the proceedings. He tried it on today with the letter that Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis sent to No 10, by implying that Mr. Davis had done something untoward! This is the letter.

It appears that a police officer from Thames Valley Police took the decision to bug the MP and his constituent. He is now facing disciplinary action (surprise! surprise!), but will apparently say his Chief Constable gave the nod. But how come Gordon Brown lost David Davis' letter in the first place? As David Cameron says, "They lost 25 million tax details - I suppose one letter pales in significance."

Do we have to live in a society where we have to watch our backs in case some stooge from the New Labour regime stitches us up? They won't find the letter, but it just shows what a shambolic shower is currently in charge


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