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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Purnell plays housey housey with allowances!

New Labour are a real shower! The latest scoundrel to be caught in the headlights is James Purnell. He's not done anything illegal, but it's iffy all the same. The cheeky chappy has two homes. OK as it stands, but he declared one to be his primary residence for the tax authorities and declared the other his primary residence to the Commons authorities. Just so he could benefit from a tax wheeze.

Called the "sideburned schmoozer" by his colleagues, he's now been outed as a sleaze-bag too! Don't they ever learn?


I hope you heard him answer my email to him when he was on the Simon Mayo Show on FiveLive....

He said the reason England could not have her own Anthem was because the UK would fall apart if it did....

(He said that when he was in his job as Minister for English Culture btw) :-)

The UK is more likely to fall apart if the New Labour sleaze artists keep giving us laws backed up only by the votes of Scottish MPs.

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