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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ron Paul - In It to Win It!

Whatever has happened so far to Ron Paul's campaign, such as Fox News shutting him out, and the "mainstream media" giving him the elbow, he continues to gather the cash and the plaudits from those who hear him. In Denver on Friday, he spoke to a standing room only crowd of 2,000 supporters, which was nearly double the number that came out earlier in the day to cheer on ordained front-runner Mitt Romney. Romney's now yesterday's news.

The whole point about the Ron Paul Revolution is that it is just that. It will turn the American nation inside out. Because the trillions of dollars of indebtedness, the "big" government for the "little" people, the whole Iraq war stuff, the "bipartisan" bull that passes for good governance.

I like this line from Jessica Peck Corry on the NewWest site -

"People are writing checks as a way to tell the establishment to stick it."

They are fed up. When asked what makes him so popular, Paul shrugs his shoulders. “Freedom is popular,” he responds, obviously humbled by the crowds who gather to greet him in city after city. Very true, and that is why Ron Paul is in this race for the White House!


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