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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ron Paul's Revolution rocks a Fact(or Fiction?)Check.org writer!

Ron Paul is beginning to rub up the various think tank thinkers and political pundits that abound within the American chattering class. One such organisation is FactCheck.org who have set themselves up as "Fact" monitors, where in fact they are just putting forward their views as much as Ron Paul is.

They, or more particularly writer Joe Miller, rubbishes Paul's assertion that the NAFTA Super Highway is contrary to American interests. Whether there will be a highway of such a nature is something of political opinion. Ron Paul thinks it will happen. This all sounds like the old Common Market of Europe saying it would never be a European Union.

Joe Miller has his views. He doesn't have facts any more than Ron Paul does. Politics is about the perception of motives, views and actions. If FactCheck.org thinks their "facts" are just staring at a line in the sand, then this organisation is based on a fiction.

Miller also casts doubt on Ron Paul's $1 trillion per year spending. It all depends Mr.Miller. If you're in favour of squandering money on an Iraqi war without having written down ANY plan for reconstruction, then the present situation is certainly not a free lunch. A lot of what is being spent overseas is backed up by spending domestically.

Joe Miller doesn't have "facts". He has his view on how the money is spent or not spent. FictionCheck.org would be a better name or maybe FantasyCheck.org!


Good job Arden, I appreciate your wider perspective being on the other side of the pond. Fight the Good fight Compatriot, Lynus O'Brien

Having lived a while in the US I realise that Americans are not necessarily in the land of the plenty! Plenty for some, but many only get some (thing or other!).

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