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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Carol Barnes is seriously ill in hospital

Carol Barnes, the former ITN newsreader, is gravely ill in hospital after suffering a severe stroke. I know what this means, as I had the same happen to my father, and it is never good news. Although now is now (my father's stroke was back in the 80's) and medical science has improved, it is still worrying.

I hope she will be carefully looked after. One of the things they say with stroke victims is that the patient may well be able to hear and understand, but is incapable, usually, of communicating. The onus is on family and friends to be careful in what they say. Unfortunately, I was very inept with my father and rambled on about rubbish and nothing in particular. I put that down to the shock of it all.

I wish her well at this critical time.


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