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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Huckabee bows out of race

Mike Huckabee has gracefully retired from the race to become Republican nomineee. That has been "sewn up", as the BBC reports, by John McCain.

Huckabee told supporters, "we started this effort with very little recognition and virtually no resources. We ended with slightly more recognition and very few resources. But what a journey. What a journey. A journey of a lifetime."

The Republican race will end in the convention in St.Paul with John McCain as the nominee, but unless he is able to accommodate the views of the other candidates who were in the race, he will lead a party that comes grudgingly to the table. The policy menu has to be a damn sight better than the current "Soup of the Day". It has a striking resemblance to the Monty Python Spam sketch. Watch and see if the repetitive mention of Spam has anything in common with McCain's reference to Iraq.

Iraq's off, dear!


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