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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Paul's true believers hang tough

This from the The Post and Courier on Charleston.net via Ron Paul News.

South Carolina's Republican primary ended more than a month ago, but Amanda Moore still regularly visits Ron Paul's Lowcountry headquarters in a light industrial building along West Ashley's Belgrade Avenue. She walks past the "Legalize Freedom" posters, past a stack of bright orange "Gun owners for Paul" baseball caps and heads to a desk next to a "Restore the Republic" banner. Moore still sends out regular e-mails updating many of his thousands of South Carolina supporters about the latest in Paul's campaign, but she said her work increasingly is shifting away from Paul's current presidential bid and more toward his message in general. "History will show this is the right message," Moore said. "Twenty years from now, when someone looks back, they will say, 'They were right.' I just hope there's still time."

The Ron Paul Revolution goes on...............


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