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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ron Paul fighting on two fronts!

This is a good piece from the Daily Paul. It's about how Ron Paul has been got at, lied to, trampled on politically, and denigrated - not by Democrats, but by his own party, the Republicans.

Two fronts? Yes, the GOP on one side, and the media, mainly Fox News, on the other, although not by all, it has to be said. The Concord Monitor reveals a lot about the GOP.

Putting a Democrat up against Paul in the nominee race is one. Ron Paul saw this off. When he eventually won, George Bush, then Governor, "congratulated" him. Carol Paul says, "Ron stopped to see him after the election. Bush just leaned back, had his feet up on the desk, and said, 'Well, you ran one hell of a race!' "

Didn't they teach manners at that prep school?


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