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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Venturing out for Ventura?

I saw Jesse Ventura a couple of days ago on Larry King's CNN show. Jesse was one good form. Talking a lot of sense and speaking with a directness that some other political persons lack. He was up against a couple of seasoned characters who were more or less for the status quo. Jesse told King that he was considering running for the US Senate. What I missed, or they never talked about, was the guy he could replace. None other than Senator Norm Coleman, the man who took on, and was bested by, George Galloway. George showed Norm no respect, and it seems Jesse won't either. Well, in Jesse's case, it may be more a matter of settling scores over the war, keeping tabs on the spending, and getting Congress' nose out of people's lives.

I sense a powerful tide in America this year for such policies. John McCain is stratching around in the Republican chicken coop trying to look like the candidate who will keep the status quo in safe hands. He wants the lobbyists on side, the analysts to stay analysing, and the spending kept in the hands of the few. Barack Obama will be his challenger. Hillary is a bit like the last guest at the wedding feast who stays on for the leftovers and won't let the bride get away with the groom! She has said a few things, though. One is that Obama won't be able to court the white working class voters. Now there she might be right. I'd say pity to that, but politics is a cruel sport indeed. Just ask John Major, or more topically, Gordon Brown!

So we have McCain operating in a lacklustre way to keep the Republican tent in an upright position, Obama trying to fend off Hillary with one hand and gather around as many of the disaffected with the other. Could both lose out to a middle way candidate? Bob Barr is on the warpath. Jesse Ventura is keeping his powder dry for a big bang on filing day in Minnesota. Ron Paul has an army of enthusiastic volunteers, all far more excited about the election that McCain's troops ever will be. What of the third run? Ventura came through as Governor on only a bit more than a third of the vote. It's not impossible for the presidency.

My guess is that when the final Democratic primaries are over, even if Hillary is still in, the third party movers will be shaking. If they can get around a common cause candidate, then that person could really shake, rattle and roll!


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