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Thursday, June 26, 2008

David Davis in 24 to 1 - A new game show's in town!

A record number of candidates. David Davis is up against Ronnie Carroll and David Icke amongst others. Roses are not red in Howden and neither are they in New Labour. A rosy shade of pink hangs over this contest.

I am all in favour of David Davis' campaign against the creeping control freakery of New Labour, or tarnished Labour as it now is. But I am getting the feeling that this won't help much. The only real contest here is between the minor parties and who can save their deposit first.

The English Democrats are joined in the fray by the Green Party, Socialist Equality Party, Monster Raving Loony Party, National Front (still trundling along), the New Party (new as in New Forest), the Christian Party, and the Church of the Militant Elvis Party. Ronnie Carroll is standing for making politicians history. Kind of self-defeating if he gets elected. Oh, and the Generalist Party didn't make the numbers.

These are the serious candidates -

David Davis - Conservative
David Pinder - New Party
Shan Oakes - Green Party
Joanne Robinson - English Democrats

The wild cards (for getting a decent vote!) are David Icke, Jill Saward, Walter Sweeney (former Tory MP) and Mad Cow Girl.

This by-election will put all other elections in the shade!


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