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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary's last hoorah!

Hillary Clinton has less than 24 hours in which to concede victory to Barack Obama. With super delegates peeling off into the Obama camp, Jimmy Carter joining the rest of his extended family in backing the senator from Illinois, it seems for her it is over when it's over, as over is now. She did well. She was the first woman to break the mould so to speak. Bill may not be going to be First Gentleman, but he can console himself with the possibility of being the second gent on the block, if that's what the V-P's spouse will be.

Clinton has said she is "open" to becoming Obama's vice-presidential running mate. This comes as the US primary elections draw to a close, and she may well be wise to say such a thing. A bruising convention will do nobody any good. One that is more of a rally, well that will be what the Democratic party faithfull will want to see. With a ticket that has both on it, all parts of the party will be satisfied. Hillary should heed that great American saying "Well, you do the math!". As it stands, the arithmetic is not on her side.

Clinton campaign chief Terry McAuliffe said the reports of her V-P thoughts were "100%" incorrect.

"I can honestly say as chairman of this campaign that until someone has the numbers, this campaign carries on. The race goes on. We've got two important votes today and then tomorrow we've got to work the super-delegates and we believe we can persuade enough super-delegates to come over and support Senator Clinton." That is bold talk, but I think I will wake up tomorrow morning hearing that Obama is the nominee. What a year it's been for him!


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