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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Irish show how democracy works!

If it were up to the EU high command, voting would only be allowed when the answer was in their favour. A kind of benign Mugabeism. However, the Irish constitution has shown us all that democracy is a good thing. In all this, there is a vast difference between democracy and free speech. The EU let's us sound off about the outfit, but woe betide us getting a vote. The Irish were the only ones in the whole of the European Union to decide on whether they wanted this new-fangled version of the Constitution. According to the tally counters early indications show the No Campaign have won.

The BBC's Oana Lungescu in Brussels says EU leaders are bracing for defeat in the Irish vote but are expected to press on with the treaty, which is meant to streamline decision-making in the now expanded EU. "Expected to press on with the treaty"? Steamrollers come to mind. No amount of voting will ever get through the thick heads of these Brussels-based bureaucrats that the European people don't trust their leaders in the direction that they are taking us. Jose Manuel Barroso, the EU President, just carries on regardless. Some democrat! Some European!

So now the Irish say NO. The Dutch and French said NO the last time they voted, although this time they were denied the right. I would hazard a guess that almost every country would vote NO. But Barroso, being the steamrolling type, doesn't trust the people. The Americans have the motto "In God we Trust". The EU has turned this into something like "In the People we do NOT Trust!".

They've been shown up for the shoddy shower that they are. Oh, and Mr. Barroso - perhaps now is the time to get your accounts in order, otherwise you'll never get us to believe you're running the EU properly!


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