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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ron Paul says It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Ron Paul's approach to politics is fairly simple. Keep to the message, be friendly to your opponents, and believe in the Constitution. The fact that a hell of lot of people think the same way has run through the present political establishment like a hot knife through butter. They are still keen to extinquish all this fervour if they can. Rubbish Ron on the TV, kick up a stink in the papers, and try to run rings round him in Congress. Poor deluded fools that they are! They are like King Canute sitting on the beach trying to hold back the waves.

This is the year that change will happen. The warmongers, the city spivs, the corrupt and the craved, all will be quaking in their boots come November - or at least they should be.

Ron Paul remains an official GOP candidate and has about $5 million in the bank, and a mighty band of fanatical followers. That should cause the GOP high command to think. Well, it does, actually. How can we stop this troublesome man? Seems history is repeating itself over and over. A bit like that record in the opening scenes of Al Pacino's 1989 film, Sea of Love - "Do you remember the sea of love"?

Speaking to Newsweek, Paul was as frank as ever. Ask a simple question and you get the simple truth. "What are your feelings toward Bob Barr?" Newsweek asks. "We're pretty friendly. We're allies, he's a good friend. He has called me a couple times recently, so it's very cordial." Newsweek sniffs a sensation coming! "Even though he has been targeting your supporters?" Sounds like they can't believe the answer. "I can't blame him. I'm sure that's his goal". And Ron Paul gives a little laugh.

We've had so much corruption, so much spin and deception, that journalists are primed to detect the smallest suggestion of devious behaviour. When given straight answers, they get all confused. How sad!

My gut feeling, and it's as cerebrally challenged as that, is that the largest constituency currently in American politics is the third party/independents group. The big question is - will they act as a cohesive block, or just go into several directions at once? Only time will tell.


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