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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gorilla in Georgia is no proper primate

Fancy that! A policeman and a former prison officer said they had found Bigfoot somewhere in the state of Georgia. I think they thought they'd got their chance seeing as the other Georgia was making all the headlines. Why not add to the mix by stuffing a block of ice up a gorilla suit and trying to fob off some overkeen "researcher". Two researchers bought the "carcass", encased in ice, for an undisclosed sum. Pity, but I suspect it wasn't $10!

You'd think there would be better things to do. I've seen some odd things in Georgia, US state that is, but I never for one minute would have thought that "Bigfoot" was prowling around. When Atlanta was hosting the Olympic Games, nobody muttered a word about being careful in case Bigfoot came on by.

Now you have to ask yourself what possesess law enforcement officers to be involved in such fantasies. Next time you get stopped on I85 tell the cop you're looking for Bigfoot. It has all the hallmarks of Car 54 Where Are You?


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