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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Obama's tired of tired tire gauge jokes!

I well remember an American cousin of mine telling me in the 70's that a good way to save money on gas was to have your car tyres pumped up to the right pressure. So how come John McCain didn't know this. My cousin was US Army trained. Did McCain never get to check his army trucks over? Were all his Jeeps running OK?

The truth of all this is that the US economy has been taken through a hedge backwards by the cost of the Iraq war, the Wall Street money grubbers and the sub-prime prize shysters. They all got drunk! Barack Obama is only saying that "every little helps" to borrow a phrase.

John McCain should tell us what he would actually do as president, not scoff at his opponent. If this tit-for-tat stuff goes on until November, none of us will be any the wiser and most be be considerably poorer!


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