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Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Seven Years On!

Time really does fly. I remember so vividly being glued to the television, watching those pictures of the World Trade Center disaster. It was a grievous attack on innocent people. In the intervening years, I have often thought about that building. Not only had I been it it, having been lucky enough to have been in the restaurant at the top, but I can see an image of it every day. We have an "arty" photo of it at home, taken from below, looking up to the skies above.

Today the commemorations take place. People have remembered. I would like to think we have moved on and all become better people. The "War on Terror" continues and on this day, General Petraeus tells the BBC that recent security gains are "not irreversible" and that the US still faces a "long struggle". Whilst Petraeus should be applauded for his efforts, I still think the Bush administration has been partly to blame for the length of this struggle. If Dubya had bothered to think a bit about how Guantanamo Bay, extraordinary renditions, the use of the secret services against the citizen, and general rabble-rousing rhetoric have had a detrimental effect on the stability of the whole Middle East, he might be leaving office next January with a bit more to his credit.
Those that died in the 9/11 tragedies were the target of hateful men. If such emotions, feelings and sentiments are to be turned around, we need an approach that will engender respect rather than revenge from both sides. It is going to be slow progress, I fear!


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