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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Experienced man looks a bit like a novice!

Ruth Kelly is leaving the Government to spend more time with her family. Usual remarks, but for her, probably true. She would want to, and why not.

As for the reasons other than this, well, they stand out a mile. She grins and offers profuse praise for the Prime Minister. He, in turn, burbles about, "There are no political issues between Ruth and me." Really? She is known to be unhappy with the direction of the government over recent months. Before the prime minister's conference speech on Tuesday, it was also known that a number of cabinet ministers had been considering resigning with her. She smiles sweetly and says she was surprised that the news came out today. Really? She says she spoke to "Gordon" months ago. So someone leaked their agreement about the timing of her departure? When would we have known, if not today?

If I were Gordon Brown, I'd be a bit miffed at her cockiness. However, it does tend to show that he is a bit of a novice in keeping his cabinet together. Blair would have shrugged it all off with a "well, yeah, er!" retort.

"I'm all in favour of apprenticeships, but let me tell you this is no time for a novice," says Brown, referring to David Cameron, but taken up by the press to mean Miliband. Gordon Brown had a lengthy time as Chancellor in which he kept telling everyone he'd served his "apprenticeship" and he wanted to be Prime Minister. His apprenticeship didn't mean he wasn't going to be a novice as PM.

In his conference speech, Gordon Brown mentioned this "new settlement for new times" every so often but we are waiting to hear what it will really be. He painted a rosy picture of New Labour's achievements, but the real problems are stored up due to excessive borrowing and running the public purse dry.

I think a novice might do things a bit better!


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