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Friday, September 26, 2008

New Conservative website

I've been checking out the Conservative Party's new website. Can't seem to find my "local Conservatives" but maybe I clicked the wrong button. It comes across as very user friendly. The Conservative wall has a large number of people saying what they want, most of which is hard to disagree with.

Contrary to what the ridiculous Harriet Harman said about lack of policies, there are a whole host of them. On "Democracy" I would take issue with two points. Address the West Lothian question and give English MPs a decisive say on laws that affect only England does not address that question. It only goes to give another version of a two-tier House of Commons as we already have job-sharing MPs. Either no devolution or everybody gets it. This is one issue the Tories haven't grasped yet.

We are in favour of a substantially elected House of Lords would be totally disastrous. Stuffed with failed MPs, or bagmen, or "issues-driven" cronies of the PM of the day. Not one single elected "Lord" would be any better than the present composition. Plus they would be ratcheting up the democratic challenge! Another issue the Tories haven't grasped yet.

All in all, though, a good accessible website. I still can't find the "locals"!


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