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Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama outspends McCain!

What was I saying about the Palin effect? Just as I'm doing my morning swoop of the news, I come across the campaign contribution figures for August. They show Obama got a financial boost after Palin joined the Republican ticket. Barack Obama received a minor fundraising bump after he named Joe Biden as his running mate but raked in huge sums after Republican rival John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential nominee. Does that tell you something? There is talk that McCain may be having second thoughts.

If the vice-president slot is anything to go by, then Joe Biden (who has a few cleaned up skeletons removed from his cupboard) is ahead of Sarah Palin (who has some skeletons, plus a witchhunter, yet to be sanitised and removed from her cupboard) in the media tit-for-tat stakes.

This report from the LA Times is interesting. I get the impression the Republicans are slightly rattled. They should have picked Ron Paul, but hey, that was then and now is now. On this sort of contribution ration, Obama will win if money talks!


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