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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palin is 'failin'!

I'm hoping I'm not becoming obsessed with Sarah Palin, but everywhere you look concerning the US Presidential election, her name pops up. It's a bit like shooting ducks at the fairground.

I was looking around for a take on Obama and found an interesting article by Wayne Brown of the Nation News from Barbados. Wayne thinks Sarah Palin is 'failin' and he paints a fairly accurate picture.

When she was picked by McCain the whole world went "Sarah who?" and then they started reading up on her. Having done that, they've made an opinion. She has galvanised Democrats into standing firm and she will probably not attract the independents. But the big question is, as Wayne puts it, will she cause Republicans of a less conservative viewpoint to peel off?

He says, "It's a fair guess that even moderate Republicans will increasingly develop immunity to her charms as they get a better look at the 'replacement president' John McCain is offering them." Replacement President? Now that's the crucial issue in the whole campaign. Americans do have to ask the question "Do I want her as president?" Unlike previous contests this is a bit more of an obvious conundrum.


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