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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin's spot of bother!

I must confess I had never heard of Sarah Palin before last weekend. Now she's the talk of everywhere and everybody. My take on this is that she appears to be a fairly normal woman who entered politics to "do some good" and got a taste for it. Now she's Governor of Alaska. Good on those lumberjacks and fist-wielding fishermen for thinking she's OK!

So what's all the fuss? It's just because the liberal-minded, but greedy, media are having forty fits for not seeing that McCain was going to pick her! They also don't like it that she is a bible-based clean-as-a-whistle Christian. Not my cup of tea, but then I reckon she's got a bit of savvy. She'll not go all out on some Tammy Faye Bakker tears and simpering session, trying to curry favour with Americans in the lower 48. Just because she's who she is and says what she believes does not disallow her from keeping to her beliefs. Her daughter is pregnant. It is a family matter. Barack Obama is right to defend his opponent's privacy on this.

Let her be criticised or championed for what she has done or not done politically. Personally I think this says more about her critics than it does about her. The only thing I'd say in a rather cheeky manner is that she named her children Track, Willow, Piper, and Bristol. Makes them sound a bit like a quartet of small planes in Sarah Ferguson's Budgie the Little Helicopter!


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