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Monday, September 22, 2008

Stonehenge an early ER!

According to scientists, Stonehenge was erected around 2300 BC and was some kind of open air ER, without a George Clooney character. Most "operating" there would have been bonesetters and cough mixture peddlers. If that was the case, the wild and windy Wiltshire countryside would have echoed to the sound of screams and yells. Sounds very macabre.

An excavation inside the henge by Profs Tim Darvill and Geoff Wainwright has revealed, as they think, a kind of "healing Lourdes". Some have argued that it is an ancestor worship temple. Others think it is some kind of sun clock. Whatever it is, it is old and of infinite interest to those who what it to be something.

A BBC Timewatch special is broadcast on BBC Two at 2005 BST on Saturday 27 September. Maybe worth watching.


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