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Saturday, October 04, 2008

McCain's Michigan conundrum

I've been sent a link to this article about McCain's campaign decision in Michigan. It goes to publicise the ridiculous funding arrangements that Americans find themselves in. McCain has dropped out because he opted to accept public funds. That put a limit on his spending. Obama is without the public spending hurdle, so can spend what he likes.

The whole thing is nonsense and allows a complete manipulation of the ballot. Another insane thing is the ballot access issue. Smaller parties have to sign up huge numbers of people just to say they want a particular party on the ballot. None of this helps democracy. It just helps the ruling elite. One thing both McCain and Obama should agree to is getting rid of anti-democratic trickery.

Interestingly, the article in The Hill alludes to McCain having dificulties in Michigan over unemployment. Local Republican congressman Thad McCotter said McCain was hurt in Michigan by how its economy has fared under the Bush administration. Telling indeed. But just having to drop out from active campaigning, for whatever reason, shows how hard it will be for McCain to make it in November.


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