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Friday, November 21, 2008

BNP unmasked?

In all this hullabaloo about the BNP membership list, I see that there are ironies all round. First is that the BNP are going after the Human Rights Act to safeguard privacy. Then there are the democrats behaving undemocratically. And we have people talking about the BNP as if the oxygen was running out of their lungs but they say that others should desist because it "gives them the oxygen of publicity".

The truth is both sides seem to need each other. If the moronic tendency in New Labour stopped its prissy approach to the BNP, by debating with them rather than resorting to backroom arm-twisting blackmail, we might not see so much of this.

Alan Duncan, the Tory frontbencher, is right. He'd debate with Griffin, and win hands down. If you can't win with words, then it's a poor sort of politics we have.

I saw on the BNP website that Nick Griffin has a stop press letter. Nothing unusual in that. But the advert that clicked up underneath read - "Expose Liars and Cheats - Expose your ex, your boss, a celeb or even a politician". Griffin needs to be more careful!


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