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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sorry Bishop, no actresses!

Yes, it seems official. There are no more actresses. At least, that's what BBC News would have us believe. Every thespian is now an "ACTOR" regardless of "gender". Of course, it is this political correctness thing. An actress is probably deemed to imply an airhead. Can't allow that.

It is all getting horribly muddled. Everyone is having to appear on a scale of sexuality from the campest of the camp to the tightest-lipped straight guy. We all have a sexuality from the Twilight Zone as far as the authorities are concerned.

So, with certain elements of the Church of England clamouring for female prelates, the old joke about the actress and the bishop is moribund. It will in future entail sexually dubious bishops with sexually dubious thespians.

Of course it is all nonsense. As Lord Hailsham famously remarked, when telling Norman Fowler about grammar (re AIDS leaflets), "You can't "have sex" - sex is what you are, either male or female". In today's world, there are plenty who wish to deny this fact. For their own reasons everyone has to have an occupation of sexless recognition and we are actually supposed to have no definable sex. Male and female is too easy. Gender (a word hijacked from the grammatical sense) is now supposes to give the impression that there are several genders available.

Whilst there may be quite a few lifestyles practised, only male and female humans exist. Anything else is a figment of the imaginations of those that peddle these ideas.


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