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Monday, December 08, 2008

Biffo seeks second Irish vote

Not content with the answer NO the first time, the Irish government, aided and abetted by President Sarkozi and the EU machine, are attempting to get a second slice of cherry pie. The trouble with EU democracy is its "our way or the highway" approach. So no voting no to anything. No voting for parties that the EU consider unsavoury, unpalatable or just downright awkward.

Mr. Cowen, the Irish prime minister, whose dullness is in marked contrast to his dodgy predecessors' flair for financial irregularities, is of the opinion that the present economic crisis will persuade voters to say yes in huge numbers. According to the Daily Telegraph a "deal had been struck between France, which holds the rotating EU presidency, Ireland and EU legal services in Brussels under which the Lisbon Treaty could enter into force by January 2010."

A deal has been struck!?! Any consideration given to Irish voters? It appears not. All they are expected to do is go out and buy a rubber stamp to use in the voting booth. Far better that Biffo gets a stamp right across his forehead which will tell all that the answer is "NO - AGAIN!".


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