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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Big brother's helpmate!

I don't like racism. I don't like people being verbally degraded. However, I dislike intensely holier-than-thou people with a jobsworth mentality to political correctness. It's happened again. Some nosepoker from the Penwith Housing Association went round to a pensioner's flat and asked for a questionnaire to be filled in. Tony Stafford wrote a few comments which were not very tasteful about the subject of immigration. He then got a jobsworth popping round to say he had broken his tenancy agreement.

Penwith Housing Association has a Respect and Anti Social Behaviour Policy. Fair do's, but this is not carte blanche for 1984-style tactics. What these silly people who police these policies never get into their thick heads is that people like Mr. Stafford are only antagonised and are fuel for further propogation of such views.

If the people running this housing association have any sense at all, they would explain to Mr.Stafford that such views may cause offence when read by another person. A friendly discussion would suffice. If he persisted in ventilating his views then that's another matter. Also, if they had prior knowledge of his views and were trying to entrap him by suggesting he could say anything he liked, then they are just as morally guilty.

Political correctness has no place in our society. Both sides here should learn a lesson.


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