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Monday, December 29, 2008

Caroline Kennedy has eyes on Senate seat

The Times has suggested that Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late president, has fluffed her lines so badly that she may not make it to the Senate. She wants the New York Governor, David Paterson – who has the sole power to pick a successor to Mrs Clinton now that she is becoming Secretary of State – to appoint her to the seat once held by her uncle, Bobby Kennedy. That would make the Kennedy clan all the more ubiquitous as well as politically powerful.

I'm not sure that fluffing your lines is a cause to say no. The question is, does she have what it takes. Unlike in Britain, there is no by-election on offer. The people of New York State get no say in the matter, other than lobbying a passing politician. This is all down to the TV channels giving the governor a few videos to watch! Democracy in action do you think?

The Kennedy family make an odd lot for the supposed first family in Democratic Party politics. The name is given up as some magical cure for the nation's ailments. Caroline Kennedy (she won't be running as Mrs. Schlossberg , I take it!) has been mocked for speaking in a dull monotone,“Um, this is a fairly unique moment both in our, you know, in our country’s history, and, and in, in, you know, my own life, and um, you know, we are facing, you know, unbelievable challenges, our economy, you know, healthcare, people are losing their jobs here in New York obviously um, arh, you know. . . ” Well, we do know. The economy is in freefall. If she can get to grips with some of the nonsense being peddled at the moment, she will be doing a hundred times better than the average politician who has been plucking imaginary dollar bills off fairyland trees! If not, then she's not going to be much use.

Caroline Kennedy has something far greater to claim fame for, though. She was the person whose name was so attractive to Ronan O'Reilly that he gave Radio Caroline that name. People like me, sixties teenagers, see that as the passive resistance to authoritarian nonsense. It was once illegal even to listen to that station!

So, Ms Kennedy is only good for this Senate seat if she can rock and roll in the aisles and give change a chance!

Radio Caroline at Sea in the '60s


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