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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Councillor quits over IRA link

I've just seen that a Conservative councillor in Croydon has quit her cabinet post over links with the IRA in the 70's. A Croydon council spokesman said Councillor Maria Gatland confirmed that she is the author of To Take Arms - My Year with the Provisional IRA. She is now being asked to quit as a councillor altogether.

My reaction to this is has it in anyway affected her work as a councillor on this council? It appears she has gone simply because of this link with the IRA 36 years ago. I take it Mrs Gatland's politics have changed radically otherwise she would not be a Conservative. People change. Opinions change. Heaven help us all if we cannot redeem ourselves over past mistakes.

I think those on Croydon council should ask themselves why they are seeking to have her resign from the council. After all, those with a far more serious background with regard to IRA activity are in government in Northern Ireland. These former IRA members are deemed satisfactory and they haven't changed their spots.

Mrs Gatland is on the receiving end of something rather nasty. It's called self-righteousness and it should be rooted out of politics. She has resigned from her cabinet post but that should be the only scalp her rather sour-minded colleagues get!


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