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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deloittes not a delight in Woolies "sale"!

I'm not alone in thinking that Deloittes have been acting in a rather cavalier manner regarding the disposal of Woolworths. They, of course, have ringfenced their fees before they even think of anything else. Today, shoppers have been going to various stores hoping for knockdown prices. Instead, the discounts were as before.

Deloittes is not acting any differently from any other coroporate entity in this country. The ethic is "stay as quiet as you can". This method of manure treatment only feeds the grapevine. Staff in my local Woolworths knew nothing of the final sale until they saw the TV news. I'd say it was no way to treat people, but it is par for the course.

If Deloittes get their hands on another recession casualty perhaps they will be a bit better in the news department. We don't want to know all the confidential details, but a bit of civility wouldn't go amiss!

This what shoppers think of Deloittes "sale" (although they may not have known who was responsible.


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