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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It doesn't do what it says on the tin!

Chris Grayling, Shadow work and pensions secretary, has a very good take on the dodgy characters sitting opposite him in the Commons. He has said he hoped the banking bill, due in today's Queen's Speech, offered a "sensible path" to help the flow of lending and small businesses. He noted however, "I think we have to be very careful and read the small print. The government has a track record in using occasions like today to grab headlines, to bring forward pieces of legislation to catch the attention of the nation but when you actually look at the small print it really doesn't do what it said on the tin at all. We've got to be careful that these are real measures that are actually going to make a difference and that they are not just an exercise in public relations."

That's what we need to do. Study the small print, make sure we are not being hoodwinked, and protest strongly if we are. Gordon Brown will be on our TV screens with all the avunculur sweetness of a man trying to sell stair lifts, but we should not be taken in that easily. This is still a government that takes no responsibility, blames "systems" they thought were "robust", and generally desires catchall legislation to further their control freakery.

We will be watching!


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