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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Liberal churchpeople cheesed off!

I remember the Bishop of Hereford flushing his diocese out. He wanted traditionalist priests removed. By that he meant to cleanse his patch of any who would not conform to the new notions of female ordination.

Now the Bishop of Chichester is being reproved by liberals for not ordaining women. Or even permitting suffragens to do the same. However, it is not a ban on women in the Chichester diocese. One senior cleric says,"It's a very unhappy position for those who support women priests, and it's hurtful for those who have been campaigning for their ordination. There is no other diocese in the country where this attitude prevails. It's the last bastion of something that is beyond the pale. I think that the bishop must be very lonely right now. He is trying to stick his finger in the dyke, but for one diocese to try to go it alone is completely crazy." This cleric has a selective memory.

Those liberals are propounding the view that female ordination is somehow a God-given truth. Currently it is supposed to be in a period of "reception". The fact that the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodoxy see the innovation as inconsistent with the Faith escapes them. Far from being "the last bastion of something that is beyond the pale", Bishop John Hind is only maintaining the Faith as it has been received. That is what tradition means.

Personally, I have no trouble if people wish to have female priests so long as others who do not are not forced to accept the idea over conscience. When I hear clerics speak as if others are fossilised pagans from the dark ages, then I have a strong sense that they are only speaking for themselves.


But men have alway 'only spoken for themselves'

Historically, and using historical texts rather than the so called orthodox biblical texts (chosen by male priests 300 years after the event to uphold their authority and power) you will find that traditionally women played an important part in the establishment of the early christian church.

Read Paul carefully, and learn which part is authentic and which is spurious - I recommend Bart D. Ehrman works

That men decided that they were more important than women is the tragedy that still haunts today's society. That they still have organisations that enshrine that falsehood in legislation is disgraceful. But that they support that disgrace by an appeal to 'tradtion' is stupid.

Women were leading activists for almost two hundred years in the early church and that is the basic tradition. So endorsing Women Priests is merely going back to basics for you Christians really - isn't it?

Cue the rabid male superiority brigade!!


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