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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I'm going offline for the festivities or because of them. Happy Christmas to one and all. I am sincerely hoping 2009 will be a better year for the world. Hope is better than fear so I go into the New Year looking for the positive things in life.

If I was giving presents to a whole group of people, it would be a new set of spectacles for those who made a mess of things this year. These glasses would let the person see straight, not deviate and be good to his/her neighbour. Robert Mugabe needs a new pair for one. It's not too late for him to redeem himself. If he met up with Archbishop Tutu and started by saying, "Guess what, I'm going to see things differently from now on!", would we not feel a whole lot better, especially those suffering at his hands presently?

I live in hope for 2009!


I wonder how long you English will be wishing yourselves "Happy Christmas"? A once great people have become so weak, so incapable of standing up for their once great culture that we in the United States fear that Muslim radicals will overtake you. Londonistan is now the host of an eastern migration of non-conformist radical Muslims who neither recognize your hospitality nor wish to see your culture survive. Sharia law is supposedly being considered for Muslims who shun British society. You are fools. Islamic immigration is a trojan horse that will eat your society from the inside out.

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