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Friday, December 05, 2008

My Blogaround Moments

I've been looking around some of my Witanagemot liked-minded blogs. There are some good posts on the lacklustre approach of Speaker Martin to the Damian Green Affair, as some are calling it.

Cynical Chatter From The Underworld says that Gordon Brown's declared confidence in the Speaker "is the kiss of death for him, and it isn’t as if anyone else is backing up Gordon Brown by openly stating their confidence in the Speaker." No, it's more a case of the New Priggery Party seeking to suggest they would never make use of leaks.

A Very British Dude has some excellent points on civil liberties I noticed. It's not just the Left that cares for civil liberties, and this is well put in this line - "Many on the left point to Damian Green and David Davis' views on Homosexuality as evidence that they have no deep love of civil Liberties, and they are therefore Hypocrites. In Green's case in particular, this is scraping the barrel. Part of this is Because in Left-wing mythology, no Tory can ever be concerned with anything except tax and Europe, without being called a hypocrite." It's just such times when the New Priggery Party gets all uppity because their pereceived territory is being invaded!

Archbishop Cranmer has uncovered something that the BBC and other missed! That the Queen was apparently reading about her demise as Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Again, the New priggery party is up to its tricks. The Archbishop reveals - "The Bill potentially spells the end of the privileges of the Church of England, the elimination of prayers in Parliament, the end of the Head of State being Supreme Governor of the Church of England, the end of Christian acts of collective worship in schools, the end of restrictive Sunday opening hours, and the embracing of national holidays around non-Christian religious festivals." Is this what we really want? It will mean dismantling the parishes, and the rights of the Church of England to make its own laws (canons). This could mean some tough times ahead for traditionalists, who may find themselves in prison for disobeying the New Priggery Party's diktats!

Man in a Shed - "We should all weep for our country and its misfortune at having the bunch of self interested selfish and ignorant charlatans who current lead Her Majesty's government." Very true. He quotes an economist speaking on the Today Programme. Read it and weep! Or listen and weep! The curse is upon us, the Lady of Chalot.....

And Wonko has a few things to say about the Queen's Speech. I get worked up sometimes about this lot. I know how he feels!


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