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Monday, December 08, 2008

Queen Bee of the New Priggery Party

Harriet Harman is the type of socialist that gets you wondering how socialist she really is. Of course, if she's signed up to this New Labour control freakery programme, then she isn't much of one. Her problem has always been an ambivalence to moral certitude. She says she has always been for civil liberties, yet she gives the impression of one who never was a campaigner. Her smug situation today confirms that this is a woman prepared to sacrifice all her principles for power and control. It rather ressembles a Jewish or Muslim butcher selling pork in order to turn a quick profit. The very thought is enough to establish hypocrisy as fact.

The Government has interfered in the Speaker's desire to have an inquiry led by senior members of the House of Commons. The debate was a travesty in that Labour stooges spoke of the events with made up logic. Gerald Kaufman does not understand what a warrant is. He seemed to think that the police had very right to enter without a warrant. No sir, never. This was put very eloquently by Simon Hughes. No police officer may enter any premises without permission if there is no warrant. The case here is that the Sergeant-at-Arms was woefully misguided. Either she has a vague understanding of the most basic right of rights or she had short-term memory loss. It is completely correct that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have nothing to do with Ms Harman's kangaroo commission.

Let her confront her own devilish hypocrisy and simpering sinisterism before she embarks on a convuluted inquiry that will have the long grass covering the Palace of Westminster and Mr Green severely traduced!


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