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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Caroline Flint not trusted by Brown

Caroline Flint would be hard pressed to convince me that she was an upstanding and honourable woman at all times. She comes across mostly as a woman with pent-up grievances, just bursting to be amplified. So is it any wonder that she muses to herself that Gordon Brown didn't really trust her? "I don't think he trusted me and we never got a chance to really get to develop our relationship".

There has to be some trust at the highest level otherwise it all implodes. Currently, Brown is weathering a constant squall rather than a storm. Austin Mitchell thinks he looks knackered. Whatever one's opinion of him as prime minister, Gordon Brown should not have to be up by five and in bed past midnight. That's no way to carry on.

Patricia Hewitt is the latest female who feels that Brown has disadvantaged her. I can't think why. Ms Hewitt has had plenty of scope to strut the national stage, cobbling together all kinds of dodgy political deals, like the cheesy handout to Rover just before the last election. Hewitt is a dissembler par excellence, so maybe that's why she is not wanted.

Hewitt goes on to say, "Gordon Brown's inner circle has always been small, almost entirely men and as far as I can see really rather laddish in its culture". A real put down. In all this feminist rant stuff that Hewitt spews out every six months, she cannot see that possibly, just possibly, it's because she can't really be trusted.

Back to Caroline Flint who has a name to go with her style. She says of Brown, "I don't think he really knows me and what makes me tick." Did it never occur to you Caroline to let him know what makes you tick, or was he supposed to be a mindreader? Come off it, your demeanour says a lot. Perhaps for starters you could tone down the grumpy harlot image and just try to be nice, ordinary and pleasant for once?


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