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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Michael Jackson's secret girlfriend!

Sky News is getting all excited. Any piece of Jackson sensationalism and we all know about it. I kind of watch Sky News. But it's done with the ability to change channels quickly. This morning some character described as being "Matt Fiddes, the tragic singer's friend and UK bodyguard" gave his "astonishing news" that Michael Jackson had a secret girlfriend. So that gives Matt the opportunity to dine out on something and it also offers Sky News the opportunity to go sniffing around southern California. Remember it was a Murdoch ragsheet reporter who fingered Robert Murat in Portugal about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

So we've got another question mark added to the mix. Who is this mystery woman? Is she a woman or what? My bet is that the secret girlfriend is anything from a friend of Bubbles to a figment of Fiddes' imagination. What is reality when it comes to anything about Michael Jackson? The story will run it's course no doubt.


Tenia su novia en secreto hace 2 aƱos aproximadamente hasta el dia de su muerte. L relacion se mantenia se esa manera porque el astro no queria que la prensa amarillista la molestara, se conocieron por chat y ella viajaba a encontrarse con M.J. Mis condolencias a toda su familia y a esa mujer que seguramente lo amo demasiado y debe estar desolada en estos momentos, pero lo quedan los recuerdos mas intimos que solo ella y Michael saben y tiene en sus corazones. gracias por haber amado a Michael!!

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