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Monday, July 06, 2009

Peter Tatchell won't repent!

Peter Tatchell is quite within his rights to live as he wishes. He is quite allowed to campaign for gay rights. But the doctrines of the Church are not his to change. He rather obtusely suggests that "Homophobia is a social and moral evil, just like racism. Bigotry, even in the guise of religion, has no place in a compassionate, caring society. I call on the Bishop to repent his homophobia. His prejudice goes against Christ’s gospel of love and compassion." As with a lot of what Tatchell says, there is a grain of truth mixed with a whole load of rubbish. The Christian Gospel is concerned with upholding the Faith. That Faith has only two states for the human condition with regard to sexual activity. Celibacy or matrimony. The sacrament of matrimony does not cover "same-sex unions" as such a situation would negate the spiritual meaning of the sacrament.

Peter Tatchell may accuse the Bishop of Rochester of being a bigot, a homophobe or whatever. All the bishop is doing is restating gospel truths. "There will come a time when they who kill you think they do God's will". For killing here the meaning is more about the soul.

The Anglican Church has allowed a trojan horse of libertine theology to come into its midst. Those who rail against traditionalists do so with a sad proportion of bile and invective. I suppose we will have to live with it. Being a Christian is never easy and, in this modern world where passing fads and fancies are placed on the altar as some alternative truth, it will continue to be a trial.

The Queen is Defender of the Faith and that in itself is likely to be far more onerous for her to bear than for any previous monarch. For all his faults, Henry VIII did acknowledge the Catholic Faith and went so far as to write a defence, hence the title. Her Majesty has let it be known that she "understands the concerns" of the traditionalists. She could do no more. If the trojan horse gets any bigger there may be no faith to defend!


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