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Thursday, July 02, 2009

There was a crooked man!

Gordon Brown can't even give a straight answer about whether he is being straight with the British public. Here we have a prime minister who has completely thrown his moral compass out the window. He has also ditched all concept of presbyterian prudence when it comes to finance. 99% of Presbyterian ministers will preach that profligacy is an unacceptable form of stewardship. They will also tell you that money doesn't grow on trees. Yet Gordon Brown is heaping truckloads of political manure around the bases of his money trees in the hope that they will drop more than pennies next year.

Brown has lived in a political fantasy world for far too long. Watching him on PMQs is very painful. He never answers a question from David Cameron. He just turns it all into some fake diatribe against the Tory Leader. Perhaps it should be call PMIs. "Prime Minister's Insults".

The plain stark truth is that governments do not have any money. They only have money taken from the citizens. If we want more government spending we either have to raise taxes or borrow money from foreign outfits. There is a third way which is the government selling bonds and investing taxpayers money. However, the debate is all about "spending" as if there is a bottomless pit somewhere. Or perhaps the money trees!

I am fed up with Brown's platitudes. All his talk of spending his way out of this recession holds nothing for me. It was he who as Chancellor sat around encouraging the banking spivs and the crooked investors. Mandelson was slithering around with all sorts. Surely Brown got some clue given to him? What about Balls? Did that expenses cheat not whisper anything in Brown's ear? They are moribund when it comes to honour.

We are looking towards pensions being a farce in the future, to jobs being meaningless for many and a huge government debt that politicians are seemingly oblivious of. But the biggest sin is that prices are being pushed in such an uneconomic way that businesses are collapsing under the strain. We seem incapable of paying our way in Britain. The next general election will be about truth and honesty not spin and deception. Those candidates that state honestly what will happen should win the election. However, if the cheaters and deceivers win, of whatever party, then we have only ourselves to blame.


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