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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Woman teacher on sex crime charge

It's a topsy-turvey world now. A teacher at a top Merseyside private school has been charged with abusing her position of trust. Basically, the allegation is that she has been caught having sexual relations of some kind with a boy or boys. Not at the school, but after hours away from it. Now in the crazed world of New Labour this amounts to a heinous crime. Yet they are quite prepared to have a government minister help run the country who thinks it is perfectly proper to covort in his underpants posing on a gay contact website.

In the 1950's and 60's Ealing comedies were made of such stuff as female teachers being found attractive to pubescent boys. Nobody would have batted an eyelid. It was titillatingly amusing. But today it is different. The law has always been an ass when deciding what sexual activities others are entitled to engage in. After all, a 16-year old boy has been granted freedom to sleep with another 16-year old boy if the desire takes him. New Labour sees this as some type of sexual equality. However, they get their ten cents worth of moral rectitude by bringing in the trust issue. The BBC reports that "Although sixth form pupils are above the age of consent, it is against the law to have a sexual encounter with someone under 18 if there is a relationship of trust."

Relationship of trust, eh? As far as MPs are concerned, who make these laws, a whole truckload of trust has dissipated with quite a few. The electorate had a relationship of trust with them and look what happened!

I'm not advocating or suggesting that what this young female teacher is alleged to have down is encouraged, but, hey, there are far worse things happening. Gordon Brown's total disregard for the safety of soldiers in Afghanistan with crap equipment is a far greater crime but no police officer will feel his collar today.

The headmaster of Merchant Taylors' School says, "The school will continue to co-operate fully with the appropriate agencies, as our first priority remains the safeguarding of all our students." That's the problem. The nosey-parker agencies all tuned to the highest note to sing the New Labour songs. There was a time when someone in his position would have just dealt with it accordingly. Not anymore!


Looks like a victimless crime, the prosecution of which is a waste of public money. Haven't Merseyside Police got more important things to do? I hope the court understand the term 'relationship of trust' is about abuse of vulnerable minors and has nothing to do with this case where the adult was the vulnerable party.

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